Faculty Member, Communications

Frederick Community College

Position Summary:

Faculty members in the Communication program report to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Liberal Arts, and collaborate with the Communications, Humanities, and Art department in the creation of a premier, student-centered learning environment accessible to individual learners with diverse educational needs and goals. The Communication faculty member is expected to teach 15 credits per semester in courses related to communication studies, mass media communication, and public speaking. The faculty member is expected to demonstrate innovation and excellence in curriculum and co-curricular planning, foster an atmosphere of active intellectual and creative engagement in student achievement in and out of the classroom, and contribute to the advancement and overall welfare of the College community. The Communication faculty member will utilize varying styles, approaches, skills, and techniques that reflect an understanding and acceptance of the role of culture in a diverse, multicultural workplace.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the functions essential to performing this job:

  1. Teach core introductory general education courses in Communication.
  2. Facilitate student mastery of core learning outcomes using the most relevant pedagogical and scholarly tools available.
  3. Contribute to the development, planning, and implementation of a high-quality curriculum.
  4. Actively engage students in critical thinking, meta-cognitive processes, and advancement of critical communication skills.
  5. Model and cultivate open-minded inquiry, an appreciation for diverse perspectives, and creative problem-solving.
  6. Infuse multicultural and diverse perspectives into the instructional process as appropriate and conduct classes in a manner that demonstrates respect for individual and cultural differences.
  7. Engage in activities which enhance the College’s relationship to the community.
  8. Provide service to the College and community to support and to enhance the College mission.
  9. Serve on committees and participate in department meetings.
  10. Maintain currency in academic discipline and pedagogy by actively participating in professional organizations at the state, regional, and national levels and by engaging in other professional development opportunities.
  11. Carry out faculty duties and responsibilities as detailed in the Employee Handbook and Faculty Addendum.
  12. Appreciate and articulate the value of a strong general education program and use that framework to mentor adjunct faculty members and students.
  13. Serve as a resource for transfer credit related questions and explanations of transfer credit evaluations as they pertain to Communication and the implications for degree completion.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Master’s Degree in Communication or related field (e.g. Media Relations, Mass Communication, Digital and Social Media, Public Relations)
  2. One year or 12 credits hours of college teaching experience

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Earned Ph.D. in Communication, with graduate coursework in Media Relations, Digital and Social Media, Mass Communication, Public Relations, or related discipline taught in the field of Communication
  2. Two years or 24 credit hours of college teaching experience
  3. Evidence of teaching speech, communication theory, mass communication, or career communication
  4. Evidence of engagement in professional academic association(s)
  5. Evidence of service and engagement outside of the classroom
  6. Experience or interest in alternative instructional models related to both classroom instruction and online learning

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