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ECA Community College IG Business Items

Hello Everyone,

The past two to three weeks have been like riding a roller coaster in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic and switching to online/distance learning for our classes. I hope this message finds you all okay (Yes, just okay is fine). 

I am writing to communicate few business items of Community College Interest Group.

1) You probably have seen the message ECA sending out regarding the submission for this year. ECA has made it clear that "everyone is free to submit their work previously accepted for ECA2020 elsewhere." You are more than welcomed to submit to upcoming NCA convention this year, but I would like to encourage you to resubmit to ECA 2021 in Cambridge, MA if you see fit.

2) We propose bylaws amendment this year, and the proposed bylaws needs to be voted by IG members. Please review the proposed bylaws, and let us know should you have any questions or feedback.

3) We are soliciting possible candidates to serve as GIFTS program planner/Interest Group Chair Elect for ECA 2021 in Cambidge, MA, and s/he will serve as Community College Interest Group Program Planner/Chair for ECA 2022 (possibly) in Buffalo, NY. This is a two-year commitment to serve for the interest group in ECA. Self-nomination is encouraged. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more details about the nature of the service. If you are interested in being a candidate or would like to nominate someone, please email Andy Kai-chun Chuang ( by Sunday, April 5th with the institutional affiliation and a short (4-5 sentence) statement to distribute to the members.

4) We will have a virtual vote soon for the following items - Proposed bylaws change, GIFTS program planner/IG Chair Elect for ECA 2021, and IG Representative to the ECA Executive Council for 2020-2022. Please look out for the email.

My gratitude goes to those who agreed to serve as reviewers, panel chairs, and respondents for ECA 2020, especially to Susan Ward, Nancy Willets and Jessica Papajcik for their supports. Jessica Papajcik will be the program planner and Interest Group Chair for ECA 2021. She will give you more details on program planning once she has more information.

For all of you, please be safe and stay healthy. 

Andy Kai-chun Chuang
Immediate Past Chair, Community College Interest Group

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