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ECA Organizational Communication Call for Nominations Reminder

Hello ECA Organizational Communication Members,

I wanted to send a reminder that we need to create a slate of candidates for the Vice Chair position of the Organizational Communication Interest Group.  The Vice Chair will become Chairperson during the Organizational Communication business meeting at the 2021 ECA Convention and then plan the Organizational Communication program for the 2022 ECA Convention. 

Anyone is eligible to run for this position, so if you are a graduate student looking to gain some experience, please feel free to submit your name.

The workload for the Chairperson position involves creating calls for submissions, planning the program, and conducting the business meeting.  So, the workload is quite manageable.

If you are interested in being a candidate, please email Michael Sollitto ( by 6pm Eastern Time on Friday, April 3, 2020 with your institutional affiliation and a short (4-5 sentence) statement to distribute to the members. Following that, I will prepare and send to the Organizational Communication Interest Group members a survey allowing them to vote on the candidates.

Thank you,

Michael Sollitto

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