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ECA 2021 Convention - Theory and Methodology Interest Group Call for Papers


Theory and Methodology Interest Group

Eastern Communication Association
112th Annual ECA Convention
March 24-28, 2021

Hyatt Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

The Theory and Methodology Interest Group is requesting paper and panel submissions for the 112th Annual ECA Convention in Cambridge, MA. The convention theme, "Resilience."  As the general call indicates:

"Our vision for the 2021 ECA conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is to engage "Resilience” thoughtfully as a persistent response to overcoming obstacles, thriving despite challenges, and adapting to an ever-changing global landscape. As we are embedded in a historical moment marked by “wicked problems,” we look forward to the opportunity to explore resilience for global communities and share possibilities for teaching, research, civic engagement, as well as in our professional and personal endeavors. We recognize that inherent within resilience are conflict and struggle. However, from this discomfort, resilience brings a power and a responsibility to share with the larger global community.stresses the call to innovate, or to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new ideas, methods, or activities. Furthermore, innovation creates transformation, inspires revolution, and/or instigates metamorphosis."

The Theory and Methodology Interest Group is open to papers from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches including but not limited to rhetorical, qualitative, quantitative, critical, philosophical hermeneutics, philosophy of communication, communication ethics, etc. We will be especially looking for submissions dealing with the theme of Resilience. 

ECA, similar to the National Communication Association, uses Attendee Interactive to manage submissions and reviews. You will be prompted to create a new User ID and Password to submit your work.

Papers and panel/program proposals must be submitted electronically by Tuesday, October 15, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PST

The Interest Group invites two types of submission; specific requirements are indicated below: 

1) Submission Guidelines for Completed Papers 

Papers should be written in accordance with the University of Chicago Manual of Style or APA 6th edition (whichever is appropriate). The following fields will be completed for individual submissions: 

  • A title of the paper (submitted via AI) 
  • Author’s affiliation and contact information (submitted via AI) 
  • The word “Debut” marked on all papers written by authors who have not presented previously at a regional or national convention.
  • An abstract
  • A statement of professional responsibility on the second page.
  • Upload final paper or additional documents (file types accepted: Word or PDF).

If the paper has multiple authors, submitters should indicate who will be presenting at the convention.

2) Submission Guidelines for Panel/Program Proposals  

Proposals should be written according to the University of Chicago Manual of Style or APA 6th edition (whichever is appropriate). Include the following items in all panel/program submissions: 

  • A thematic title for the program.
  • Names of the chair and respondents (if any). Chairs should not also be designated as respondents.
  • Names affiliations and contact information for all participants.
  • Titles and abstracts for each paper or presentation.
  • A program copy (no more than a 75-word description) as it should appear in the final program.
  • A detailed rationale for the program/panel.
  • A statement of professional responsibility.

Statement of Professional Responsibility

The following statement MUST be included with every submission of a paper or a panel in order for it to be eligible for review. If it is not attached with a submitted document, the chair is responsible for obtaining a completed copy of this form prior to the paper/panel being officially programmed for presentation at the convention.

In submitting the attached paper/panel, I/We recognize that this submission is considered a professional responsibility. I/We agree to present this paper/panel if it is accepted and programmed. I/We further recognize that all who attend and present at ECA’s annual meeting must register and pay required fees.  

Additionally, please follow the following example for capitalization and formatting of quotation marks: Resilience in Interpersonal Communication: A Rhetorical Analysis of 'Grapes of Wrath' 

For additional information about the upcoming convention, please visit ECA’s website

All questions or concerns related to the Theory and Methodology Interest Group can be directed to:

Susan Mancino, Saint Mary's College

This unit is limited in the number of sessions it programs, so prior consultation with the planner about session ideas might be useful in coordinating the efforts of people who might be separately pursuing the same general idea.

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