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ECA 2022 Convention - Instructional Communication Interest Group Call for Papers

Call for Submissions

 Instructional Communication Interest Group

Eastern Communication Association

113th Annual Convention 

Philadelphia, PA

April 7 to 9, 2022

Call for Papers

ECA 2022

Instructional Communication Interest Group

The Instructional Communication Interest Group of the Eastern Communication Association is now accepting submissions for the 2022 conference in Philadelphia. The 2022 convention theme is (Re)Union, which is intended to:

  • Reunite colleagues who have similar research and teaching interests
  • Reunite colleagues who have made significant contributions through their collaborative work
  • Reunite colleagues who have shared mentorship experiences

  • Build new unions within ECA to move our discipline forward

  • Build new unions between ECA and the larger communities in which our members live and work

  • Create opportunities to connect around shared research and teaching interests

  • Provide opportunities for reflection on the effects of the global pandemic on our teaching, research, and professional development and how to move forward

  • Enable deliberations on how communication scholars and educators contribute to a post-pandemic world.

Therefore, First Vice President Dr. Pamela J. Lannutti invites ECA interest groups and members to submit papers and panel discussions.

Topic areas appropriate for the Instructional Communication Interest Group include but are not limited to:

- Effective teaching (i.e. the relationship between instructor behaviors and student outcomes).

- Student involvement (e.g., synchronous/asynchronous participation, motives for communicating, out-of-class communication).

- Meeting challenges of asynchronous teaching.

- Hybrid models of instruction.

- Assessment studies.

- Scale development and testing studies.

- Meta analyses.

- Comprehensive literature reviews.

- Teaching activities.

- Theory/model testing and development.

- Instructor outcomes (e.g., job satisfaction, burn-out).

- Mentoring relationships.

The Instructional Communication Interest Group welcomes submissions from quantitative, qualitative, critical, and rhetorical scholars.

Below are guidelines for competitive paper and panel submissions.

The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM. ECA will be using Attendee Interactive to manage submissions and reviews.

Submission website:

The Interest Group invites two types of submissions. Specific requirements for each type follows. 

Submission Guidelines for Completed Papers

Papers should be written and formatted in accordance with the 7th edition of the APA manual. Individual submissions of complete papers should include the following elements. 

1. A detachable title page with the title of the paper and the author's name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and email address. If the paper has multiple authors, submitters should indicate who will be presenting at the convention. 

2. The word "Debut" marked on all papers written by authors who have not presented previously at a regional or national convention. 

3. A one-page abstract on the second page.

4. A Statement of Professional Responsibility (see below) on the second page. 

In Attendee Interactive, submitters will also be able to indicate if this is a student paper, special requests, and audio/visual requests. For the manuscript submission, MS Word (.doc or .docx) and PDF will be accepted.

Submission Guidelines for Panel/Program Proposals

Please submit panel/program proposals is one MS Word file (.doc or .docx). Proposals should be written and formatted in accordance with the 7th edition of the APA manual. Include the following items in all panel/program submissions: 

1. A thematic title for the panel/program.

2. Names of the chair and respondent. Chairs should not also be designated as respondents. 

3. Names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and institutional affiliations of all participants. 

4. Titles and abstracts for each paper or presentation. 

5. A program copy (no more than a 75-word description) as it should appear in the final program.  

6. A detailed rationale for the panel/program.

7. A Statement of Professional Responsibility (see below). 

In Attendee Interactive, submitters will also be asked to indicate estimate attendance and will be able to indicate special requests and audio/visual requests.

ECA utilizes Attendee Interactive to manage submissions and reviews. ECA will send an email to members and update the Convention section of its website with a link to the submission link this fall.  To submit your work, you will be prompted to login using ECA-specific credentials (you do not use login credentials you may have created for any other association, such as NCA, that uses Attendee Interactive), or to create an account. 

You may only submit a single paper to one interest group or affiliate organization for consideration.

The following statement MUST be included with every submission of a paper or panel in order for it to be eligible for review. If it is not attached with a submitted document, the chair is responsible for obtaining a completed copy of this form prior to the paper/panel being officially programmed for presentation at the convention.

In submitting the attached paper or proposal, I/We recognize that this submission is considered a professional responsibility. I/We agree to present this panel or paper if it is accepted and programmed. I/We further recognize that all who attend and present at ECA’s annual meeting must register and pay required fees.Please email all questions to Daniel Mansson at

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