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Call for Chapter Proposals: New Media Technology and the Motion Picture Industry

Call for Chapter Proposals: New Media Technology and the Motion Picture Industry


The boundaries between traditional media and digital media are constantly changing, forcing media industries to evolve at a rapid pace. Some might argue that these changes are for the benefit of society, such as the instant availability of free media content, while others would highlight the negative impact of technology on the user experience. New technologies impact the film industry in countless ways including how we view films at home, the film creation process, and the influence on our perceptions of a film’s value. This edited volume will examine the various ways in which communication technologies are influencing the motion picture industry. This research will be synthesized into the edited volume, New Media Technology and the Motion Picture Industry. The chapters included in this book will cover topics such as disruptive technologies, racial and gender equity, doit-yourself filmmaking, motives for film viewing, corporate influence, film craft, and the sociocultural impact on viewers.

Currently under agreement with an academic publisher, the proposed text will be divided into the following sections:

- Production
- Post-production
- Distribution
- Exhibition
- Viewer reception

Submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

- History of disruptive film technologies
- DIY filmmaking
- Corporate ownership
- Virtual Reality and alternative forms of viewing
- Gender, race, and sexuality
- Film craft
- Socio-cultural influence of film
- Spectatorship and audience behavior
- Global perspectives on the industry

Chapter proposals must be submitted by October 15, 2022 and include the following information:

- A working title for the chapter
- A brief rationale (3-5 sentences) describing how your chapter fits into the theme of the book
- An abstract (500 words maximum)
- Short bio for the author and any co-authors

Please email your abstract and supporting information in one document to the editor, Daniel Hunt (, with the subject line “Film Book Chapter Proposal.” Authors of accepted proposals will be notified in early November. The deadline to submit full chapters for review is January 1, 2023.

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