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Meeting Minutes: April 23, 2009

Interpretation and Performance Studies Interest Group

of the Eastern Communication Association

Meeting Minutes: April 23, 2009 

1. Elections:

Chair/Planner: Annette Holba (Plymouth State University)
Secretary: Valerie Schrader (Ohio University)
Chair for 2010-2011: Valerie Schrader (Ohio University)
Interest Group Representative to ECA: Valerie Schrader (Ohio University)
Interest Group representative to ECA Nominating Committee: Jay Baglia (Kutztown University)
Planner 2011: Cem Zeytinoglu (East Stroudsburg University) 

2. Discussion of call for papers. Forthcoming in May 2009. Will send through ECA E-Bulletin, CRTNET, and traditional mail to interest group members. 

3. Discussion of "Focus on the Future Panel" for convention 2010. Planner will plan a panel (to be used in an additional program slot [we get 4 slots] that will involve a brief statement by 5-6 panelists who will discuss where we have been, where we are, and where we hope to go as a field of study. We will plan to have 2 participants who have helped to create this field of study through research/scholarship/ teaching; 2 participants who are in mid-career in the field; and two participants who are coming into the field (relatively new) and who can speak to the influences of the four other participants as well as hopes for the future of this area of interest. 

4. Chair will prepare a brief column to generate and renew interest in the Interpretation and Performance Studies Interest Group for publication in next E-Bulletin (newsletter).  

5. Eight people attended the business meeting - these are new members. ECA records indicate that we have 35 members in our interest group. We'll send special invitation to the members via an E-Bulletin to remind members to attend next year's business meeting. 

6. No Old Business. 

7. Next meeting will be in April 2010, Baltimore.

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