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Minutes of the 2004 Mass Communication Interest

Dear ECA Mass Comm Interest Group,
Please take a moment to review the 2004 business meeting minutes, as well as the 2005 business meeting agenda (take special note if your name appears there!). Look for one more email from me providing a draft of bylaws. Cary

Minutes of the 2004 Mass Communication Interest Group Business Meeting
Attending: Monica Brasted, Rebecca Chory, Lewis Freeman, Peter Galarneau, Michael Grabowski, Cary Horvath, Barbara Kelly, Steven Koehn, Cindy Lont, Matthew J. Smith, J. Micheal Sproule, Talli Sperry, Bill Yousman

Call to order 8:17 by Interest Group Chair Bill Yousman. Chair's Report (Bill)
10 slots this year (all filled). After calls were reopened we added 3 more slots
14 papers submitted12 papers accepted
7 panels submitted7 panels accepted
tops three papers delivered yesterday
Bill named and thanked reviewers
Mary Step resigned as 2004-2005 Vice Chair. Cary Horvath (next in succession) will assume duty of 2004-2005 Vice Chair, as well as function as 2003-2004 Secretary.
Other results:
Steve Koehn 2004-2005 Secretary and 2005-2006 Vice Chair
Bill Yousman 2004-2005 Nominating Committee Rep (outgoing Chair to serve this
Cindy Lont 2004-2006 Representation to ECA Executive Council (2-year term)
Pete Galarneau will serve as proxy for this Friday's meeting.
Barbara Kelly will serve as proxy for this Saturday's meeting. No names were advanced for ECA Vice President Elect or ECA Community College Representative to NCA Legislative Council. Cary Horvath's name will be advanced for nomination as ECA Representative to the NCA Nominating Committee. Bylaws
Cary Horvath will attend the bylaws workshop to begin work on the mandated document. Vice Chair
Cary Horvath invited submissions for ECA 2005.
Possible Merger with HIT
After some discussion about the changing nature of the term "mass communication," it was suggested that we merge with the Human Information Technology Interest Group. The new, more accurate and inclusive group might be called "media ecology" or "communication information technology." We will try to schedule some time together to discuss this possibility at next year's business meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Cary Horvath

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