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ECA Community College IG - Call for Nomination of Interest Group Executive Council Representative

Call for Nomination of Interest Group Executive Council Representative

Hello Everyone,

I hope this email finds you all well. Over the interest group business meeting at the ECA convention last year, we did not elect the new Community College Interest Group Representative to the ECA Executive Council, beginning from Sunday 2020 to Thursday 2022. Our current EC Rep is Jessica Papajcik, and her term will end on Thursday 2020 during the convention. It is urgent for us to elect a new representative before the convention in April.

According to the interest group bylaws, an Executive Council member is responsible for attending all meetings of that body at the association’s convention and at other prescribed times during the year when the ECA Executive Council convenes. The Executive Council member shall present timely reports to his or her interest group about the deliberations of the Executive Council and undertake any special tasks assigned by the association’s officers.

The Community College Interest Group would like to solicit nomination (Self-nomination is encouraged) to serve this position. If you know someone who can serve or you are personally interested in serving this position, please send me the name at no later than February 16th. If we have more than one nomination, we will conduct a quick online election. The new rep will need to start attending EC Rep Meeting on Sunday morning, April 5th in Baltimore this year. 

Thank you very much, and I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Baltimore in April.

Andy Kai-chun Chuang
Chair, ECA Community College Interest Group  

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