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ECA - Communication Traits Interest Group Announcement

Members of the Communication Traits Interest Group,

I hope everyone is doing good with the quickly changing world. At this point most of us would have been on our way to Baltimore for the start of the 2020 ECA conference. For me this is just one of many conferences that have been cancelled. But, next year we have the 2021 conference in Cambridge where we will probably be looking back at how well we recovered. Related to the cancellation of our convention, we have a few important pieces of information to share:

  1. We need to elect a Secretary (who will eventually plan the 2022 conference in Buffalo). Your role this year won’t be as strenuous as a normal secretary, but you will be responsible to work through the Vice-Chair and Chair roles in the coming years. If you are interested in running, please email me with a brief bio to include on the ballot by Monday, April 5th.  If we have more than one candidate, I will open an election to our membership shortly after this date.
  2. There have understandably been quite a few questions about submission, awards, and whether or not accepted papers can be submitted to NCA. Jennifer has asked the interest group chairs to share the following information related to these questions and concerns:

Next year’s convention will be built based on a new call for papers and a completely new submission process. THEREFORE, everyone is free to submit their work previously accepted for ECA2020 elsewhere.  You could, for instance, list your acceptance at ECA and note the meeting was canceled – then list it as accepted at another convention.  You should seek direction from your own Tenure & Promotion committees/chairs/deans and/or be extremely clear so as not to raise problematic questions. 

APA has also provided guidance here:

Jennifer will be issuing certificates for Top Papers within the next month (pdf by email given current circumstances).  If you are recognized as such, you should list this on your vita despite the fact you couldn’t present the paper.

I wish everyone good luck during our trying times. Stay safe, and remember the six foot rule.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Till we talk again,

James M Durbin

Cleveland State University

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