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ECA - Interpersonal Communication Interest Group Election Results

Hello ECA Interpersonal Communication Interest Group members!

Thank you to those who "attended" the virtual Qualtrics meeting last week, volunteered for positions for next year, and voted in our elections. I am happy to report the results of the elections:

  1. Vice Chair (plans 2022 for our group) - the nominees were Candice Thomas-Maddox and Stephen Kromka
    Candice Thomas-Maddox was elected
  2. Secretary - the nominees were Elizabeth Glowacki and Nora Radway
    Elizabeth Glowacki was elected
  3. Executive Council Representative (to start Sunday at the 2021 conference) - the nominee was Erin Brummett
    Erin Brummett was elected

I have forwarded the volunteer list to our planner for next year, Mary King. The "minutes " from this meeting have been posted on our ECA interest group web page. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks so much! 

Aimee Miller-Ott 
2020 Program Planner

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