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ECA 2021 Convention - Communication Administration Interest Group Call for Submissions and Reviewers

OM ADMIN Colleagues,

Here's a reminder that the deadline for submissions is October 15. Please see the details below.

Also, If you are interested  in reviewing for ECA for group, please let me know. Contact me at Thank you.


Mary Mino, Ph.D.

Communication Administration Interest Group

Call for Submissions for the 112th Annual Convention of the

Eastern Communication Association

Cambridge, MA

The vision for the 2021 ECA conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is to engage “Resilience” thoughtfully as a persistent response to overcoming obstacles, thriving despite challenges, and adapting to an ever-changing global landscape.  As we are embedded in a historical moment marked by “wicked problems,” we look forward to the opportunity to explore resilience for global communities and share possibilities for teaching, research, civic engagement, as well as in our professional and personal endeavors.  We recognize that inherent within resilience are conflict and struggle.  However, from this discomfort, resilience brings a power and a responsibility to share with the larger global community.

The Cambridge convention and the “Resilience” theme encourage us to learn from what the city has to offer communication scholars. I invite the Communication Administration Interest Group to develop programming for the 2021 convention that focuses on “Resilience” across communication contexts and the ways that we:

Share Resilience
Communicate Resilience
Foster Resilience
Initiate Resilience
Find hope in Resilience
Inspire Resilience
Make sense of Resilience
Celebrate Resilience
Critique Resilience
Learn Resilience 

The hope is that through the conference experience, we will contribute to the ongoing “Resilience” conversation and reveal our persistence as we respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

The Communication Administration Interest Group will review several types of submissions:

Individual submissions of complete papers should include the following elements:

  1. The word “Debut” marked on all papers written by authors who have not presented previously at a regional or national                                      
  1. A one-page abstract.
  1. A statement of professional responsibility (see below).

If the paper has multiple authors, submitter should indicate who will be presenting at the convention.

Submission of program/panel proposals should include the following elements:

  1. A thematic title for the
  1. Names of the chair and respondents (if any). Chairs should not also be designated as respondents
  1. Names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and institutional affiliations of all participants
  1. Titles and abstracts for each paper or
  1. A program copy (no more than a 75-word description) as it should appear in the final
  1. A detailed rationale for the program/panel.
  1. A statement of professional responsibility.

A STATEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY MUST be included with every submission of a paper or panel for it to be eligible for review:

In submitting the attached paper or proposal, I/We recognize that this submission is considered a professional responsibility. I/We agree to present this panel or paper if it is accepted and programmed. I/We further recognize that all who attend and present at ECA’s annual meeting must register and pay required fees. 

If a presenter cannot attend the conference, the submitter must provide advanced notification to the Interest Group Chair. 

The deadline for submissions for the Communication Administration Interest Group is October 15, 2020. Convention Acceptance Notifications will be sent in January 2021.  

Please note ECA utilizes Attendee Interactive to manage submissions and reviews. ECA will send an email to members and update the Convention section of its website with a link to the submission link this summer.  To submit your work, you will be prompted to login using ECA-specific credentials (you do not use login credentials you may have created for any other association, such as NCA, that uses Attendee Interactive), or to create an account. The information concerning online submission will be sent to all members. Please look for this email. 

I look forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you at the 2021 conference.

Mary Mino
Communication Administration Interest Group Chair

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