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ECA - 2021 Convention - Seeking Panelists for the Interpersonal Communication Interest Group

Hello members of the Interpersonal Communication Interest Group at ECA!

I am the program planner for the interest group for the 2021 conference. I am receiving reviews for the submitted papers and panels and am currently working on building sessions for the accepted submissions. I will have some space available to build a few more panels that are not related to the work you submitted. Below are some ideas that I had for panels I’d like to develop.

Now that I have the titles and topics, I need panelists who are interested in any of these topics and would have something to share! If you didn’t have an opportunity to submit to your work to the 2021 conference (and even if you did!), this is a great opportunity to be actively engaged.

Please read the descriptions below and email me directly ( to offer your participation in any, some, or all of these panels! Contact me by Friday November 27th, as the sessions are all due to ECA the following week. Please note that these panels would be appropriate for students and for faculty scholars.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m also open to suggestions for panel ideas and panelists. I look forward to continue planning our interest group and appreciate your participation!

Thank you!

Mary King
Bloomsburg University

Interpersonal Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This roundtable/panel discussion will focus on the unique interpersonal challenges brought about by COVID-19. Participants might consider discussing challenges associated with relational maintenance, conflict management, relational resilience, support, family challenges, or a host of other interpersonal-related subjects.

Interview with a Scholar

Initially proposed by Aimee Miller-Ott (our program planner for the cancelled 2020 convention), this panel would highlight two scholars who are members of the Interpersonal Communication Interest Group. One interviewer would ask another senior scholar about their experiences in academia, their research, and challenges and successes they encountered over the years. Interview questions would be tailored to the interviewee’s contributions and experiences. I would be interested in proposing this type of panel but I need 1) an interviewer and 2) an interviewee – someone who has made significant contributions to the study of interpersonal communication who is also a member of ECA. I’m open to suggestions for the scholar being interviewed and who may want to interview them.

Physiological Resilience: The Intersection of Interpersonal Communication and Physiology

A growing area of research in the discipline examines the intersection of physiological responses and interpersonal phenomena. A recent publication, The Oxford Handbook of the Physiology of Interpersonal Communication (2020) provides an overview and collection of research and theories that examine the interplay between the body and personal relationships. This discussion panel would highlight scholars who have conducted research in areas related to interpersonal communication and physiology.


If you have projects you are currently working on and would benefit from feedback by other scholars, you might be interested in this panel. This panel might be particularly useful for students who have projects in various stages of completion. I could envision having a couple of respondents on this panel who get the “research in progress” outlines or paper drafts ahead of the conference and work with the panelists to provide suggestions for future direction.

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