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ECA 2023 - Community College Interest Group Request

Dear Community College Interest Group Members.

Please respond to this message to let me know 

1)    if you’re willing to serve as a reviewer for submissions, or 
2)    if you are planning to attend ECA and can serve as a panel respondent or chair.

In addition to the above, I’m writing on behalf of one of our members to invite additional participants. 

Discussion Panel Description: Introductory courses at many universities are rarely taught by senior or even full-time faculty members; instead, we see this labor as completed by graduate teaching assistants and adjunct instructors led by an often-overworked Director of the Basic Course. In addition, at many of these institutions (including Community Colleges), the degrees, qualifications, and research interests of teaching faculty members are not grounded in a communication background. Many of our colleagues, instead, have a background in Theatre, Media, English, and other disciplines, rather than in Communication Studies. In other words, there seems to be a growing gap between faculty expertise in communication and introductory communication course teaching. To this end, we are interested in discussion the topic “Who is teaching our introductory courses, and how are we preparing them for this important labor?” If you are interested in participating in this discussion, please email me at Include in your message, if possible, a specific area on which you plan to focus your discussion points. In addition, include your institutional contact information for panel submission. 

Thank you in advance for your involvement, and of course, please feel welcome to email additional program ideas to be sent to the membership—we always have such fruitful discussions at ECA!


Christi (she/her)

Christi Saindon, PhD
Community College Interest Group Planner, 2023
CUNY-Queensborough Community College

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