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ECA 2023 Program Search Available For Review

Good afternoon ECA!

The long-awaited ECA 2023 program search is now available for your review.  Please go to -- Convention --Attendee Interactive, and select the "Search Program" tab.  You do not need to be logged in to search the program.

Please review your schedule carefully.  The only schedule changes we can make at this time are in the case of overlaps (although we have already reviewed carefully for these so do not expect many).  

LCD projectors will be available in the following rooms:  Baltimore, Chesapeake A, Constellation A, Constellation B, and Douglass.  IF you requested this, you have been scheduled in one of those rooms.  Please double check this to be the case.  If you did not request AV, it is not possible to make changes at this point.

Please contact Jennifer Waldeck at by close of business on Friday wherever you live with:

  1. Schedule overlaps
  2. Missing AV accommodation
  3. Typos (this is a DRAFT program and will be thoroughly proofed by two more people; but if you catch anything related to your work now, please feel free to let me know!)

So excited to have scheduled over 180 sessions in Baltimore!  Can't wait to see you all.

Jennifer Waldeck

Professor, Department Head
Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication (ALEC)
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
University of Georgia

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